Gym Accessories Magic Circle

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The Gym Accessories Pilates Ring is mainly used for yoga practice, exercise legs, arms and buttocks, and other parts. Can be used with yoga mats and other equipment. This pilates ring is made of fiberglass on the inside, EVA foam on the outside, and a sponge on the grip to ensure strength and durability on the inside while ensuring the outside is skin-friendly and comfortable to the touch.

These Gym Accessories Circles are made of strong fiberglass with a rubber outer sleeve and will not bend or crack. The fitness ring always keeps its shape and returns to the loop even after the most strenuous workouts. Get the resistance you need from this lightweight yet durable Magic Circle that shrinks under pressure for an effective workout.


  • Very useful for the inner and outer thighs, upper arms,
  • and the chest and even the pelvic muscles.
  • It is very suitable for anyone who wants to keep fit.


  • Item: Yoga Circle Fitness Magic Ring for Women
  • Color: Purple/Pink/Black/Blue/Gray
  • Size(about): 38 cm Goog quality Promised