Men's Fitness Iron-Clad Dumbbell

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Dumbbells are still an ideal tool for training arms, chest, back, core and legs. Our 1 pair of adjustable dumbbells is a 2-in-1 design, which can be changed into dumbbells using connecting rods. This suit can meet the exercise needs of upper and lower limbs, save your time and gym membership fees, allowing you to exercise anytime, anywhere!


-Material: steel plate.
-Packing size: 54.5x20x20.5cm (the specific size is shown in the picture).
-2 in 1 adjustable dumbbell set with connecting rods, which can be easily connected with 2 dumbbells to convert into dumbbells.
-Our all-in-one dumbbell/barbell set allows you to perform a full workout, dumbbells can be used to shape your arms, and dumbbells can help you practice sit-ups.
-Comes with 12 1.5kg x 4 counterweight plates; 2kg x 4 weight plates; 2.5kg x 4 weight plates, which can increase or decrease the weight in increments of 1.5kg, 2kg and 2.5kg.
-Non-slip neoprene gives you no worries, because the neoprene handle with fine curves allows you to better grip, improve coordination and
-Adjust the weight plate and change it to dumbbells or barbells. It is an ideal choice for bodybuilding and burning calories. It is also very suitable for improving strength and bodybuilding. It is a good equipment for maintaining health.

Packing list
2 x Clispeed screw rod
2 x fixed safety nuts
1 x Clispeed anti-skid bar
4 x Clispeed 1.5kg weight plate
4 x 2kg
Weight plate 4 x Clispeed 2.5kg weight plate