Portable USB Digital Microscope 1000x Microvision -

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Product Description:

This portable microscope is easy to carry around due to its convenient size and long battery life. Enjoy using this option both indoors and outdoors, for example, consider grabbing it on a hike to observe in the wild. Take it with you wherever you go - this lightweight and compact digital device will make any outing more exciting. And the built-in 800mAh battery allows for the whole 90 minutes of autonomous wireless use. Plus, it’s super easy to charge the microscope: you can do it using the included USB cable. Besides the microscope itself and the USB cable, the package also includes an adjustable stand, a base, and a user manual. Professional, adjustable height brackets and flexible arm viewing stations for continuous zooming are very convenient for one-handed operation. The easy-to-use digital microscope 1000x, when you assemble a handheld microscope, simply plug it into a USB port on your computer and install the software, you can enjoy it.

This multifunctional device is not simply a microscope, but also a camera. Use it for photos and videos instead of simply zooming in on various objects. This USB microscope is capable of creating quality photos and videos, which may be useful for those who would like to document a lifespan of an observed organism. It’s an HD-ready option, meaning you can get photo and video resolution up to 640 x 480. You will be pleased with the results, as this microscope is capable of displaying the smallest details. It provides a high-definition image and sufficient magnification to make this wireless microscope a go-to device for any educational purpose as well as for entertainment

Package Includes:

  • x1 1000x Wi-Fi Portable Digital Microscope Camera
  • x1 USB cable, for both charging and data transfer
  • x1 Stand
  • x1 Driver disc 
  • x1 User Manual