Multifunctional Hydraulic Handrail Stepper Machine

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Product name



 high quality steel, ABS material

Product functions

 body shaping, leg beauty, hip lifting, etc

Overall size

 34 * 32 * 120 (CM)

Gross weight


Net weight


Bearing capacity


Applicable population

 men, women, old and young


- Safer upright arm rest. High quality sponge and wear- resistant.

- Plantar massage bid farewell to sub-health. Step while foot massage, pedal specific particles can help foot massage.

- Adjust resistance as you like. Triangle resistance adjusting nut, let you fall in love with sports.

- Notafraid of crus getting thicker. Double hydraulic brake, balanced force, shaping legs.

- Secure anti scratch pad. Safer and more durable.

Package included:

1 x Home Fitness Stepper

1 x Pull Rope

1 x Pad