Smart eye massager

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Product Description:

The smart Eye massager is a new generation eye massager that uses scientifically proven thermal, acupoint and vibration massage to help reduce headaches, sleeplessness, eyebags, wrinkles and regular eye fatigue. It's essentially a miracle remedy capable of providing instant comfort and dressing all eye-related issues.


Advanced smart technology

Backed by in-depth research engineers and insight experts.

micro vibration massage 

Awaken eye vitality, inside and out.

Hot compress massage (up to 42 degrees Celsius)

Relaxes & warms the muscles around the eyes and temples.

Air Acupressure massage

easy to use

5 massaging modes

Switch between heat, kneading, shiatsu, music or combine all

Bluetooth Music

Add your favorite music for maximum relaxation.

Charging method: usb charging

Battery capacity: 1200MAh