weight lifting belt

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Our weight belt doesn't break, tear, or model out like other weight belts made from cheap textiles. The steel pin of the weight lifting belt is invincible in even the gravest use. Our weight belt is created to be soft, lax, and relaxed to stay in place while lifting. It offers the ideal support for lifting poundage and also impresses with the current look. The sleek design makes it suitable for both men and women powerlifters.

Our significant lifting belt can fight hundreds of pounds being lifted without smashing. These powerlifting belts are made to IPF spec and are of fantastic quality making them ideal for endurance practicum, powerlifting, bodybuilding, or prevalent back support.


  • Our powerlifting belt allows extra power, strength, and support in your back and abs so that you can improve your lifts.
  • Many of our customers use the steel buckle with and squats and it has gone through extensive testing.


  • Gender: Men
  • Type: Belt