Yoga Pull Strap Gym Belt

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Use Yoga Pull Strap to reach limbs more easily in challenging positions and to hold postures and stretches longer - take your practice to the next level by using yoga straps to deepen and lengthen stretches for more flexibility. The straps are made of a durable, high-quality polyester blend that won't rub or break and are designed to last for years - just roll up and fit in your pocket or yoga bag.

Essential Gym Belt support that helps you deepen your stretch and increase flexibility while letting your shoulders relax for proper alignment. It has a removable metal buckle with double rings that allow you to shorten the strap and create a secure, non-moving strap so you can focus on stretching without slipping.


  • The pull strap can help practitioners stretch their muscles and extend the stay time of yoga posture.
  • High resilience and good toughness, safe and eco-friendly, important yoga aids.
  • Resistance bands will modify muscle lines, training leg strength and strengthening outreach.


  • Name: Yoga Pull Strap
  • yoga fitness: Stretching loop
  • Elastic fitness bands: Elastic band for fitness